Frequent Questions, and Answers ;)

Do you offer job placement or provide opportunities? 

Yes! We do share opportunities as they are presented to us. We also invite graduates to various events to gain industry experience and build their portfolios.

What brand of make up do you use?

We use various products including our own. We want you to be well rounded.

Do I need to purchase a uniform for the class?

No uniform is required and you're even able to bring a snack. : )

Does your school allow guest educators or field trips?

These opportunities are presented  post certification.

Do you offer financial aid?

We do not accept federal funds however, there are grants available throughout the State of Maryland; through various organizations, career development centers and grants. We also offer very flexible payment plans.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

1:10 or less depending on class size. We keep the classes small so that everyone gets individualized attention. 

What does your certification cover?

Basic Skincare, Facial Techniques, Highlighting and Contouring, Lash Application, and more!

Do I get Certified?

Yes! You will receive a State & Industry recognized Certification after the completion of the 40 hour program.

Does my tuition include books?

Your tuition includes:



-All Supplies

Your only requirement is to bring a set of professional Makeup Brushes. We do offer a 10 piece set in our school store, or you can purchase one from any vendor you prefer. 

Is this a Cosmetology School?

No, we are not a cosmetology  or beauty school. We are a school of Professional Makeup Artistry and basic skincare. We are the first official school of makeup artistry  in the state of Maryland. For over 13 years we have trained hundreds of students from all over the world. We are approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) and the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations (DLLR), so you can be assured that your certification is official.